This website is especially for those individuals who are passionate about design. If it has been your goal to start an online business a long time ago, you should not waste any more time. The task of designing a website from scratch may sound intimidating, but it’s doable, and with the help of the useful articles on this website, you can do it.

Be Result-Oriented

No matter what your goal is, you need to focus on the result. Being result-oriented will help you avoid losing time. And time is the only commodity which we cannot afford to lose, because we don’t get any rebates for lost time. That is why we typically advise our readers to think about what they want to achieve first before attempting to come up with a design. Once you have a goal, your design will be adjusted accordingly to serve your goal.

In this website, you’ll learn skills to help you create strategic designs which convert. We are not just another web design portal with articles about how to create a beautiful website. We help you think about various aspects that may affect your site’s profitability. In the end, having a site is just a means to fulfil your online business goal. You certainly don’t want a beautiful-looking website that converts no one.

Top Designing Trends

Web design is a modern subject which keeps evolving. New techniques are coming out now and then. This website is keen on keeping you updated with the latest techniques so that you won’t feel left behind. Great designs are not just pleasing to the eyes, they serve a purpose as well. First, you have an idea about how your site should look, then you convert the idea into reality with CSS, HTML, Javascript or using a web design application.

Web Design Application

A good portion of this website is for people with limited technical skills. They are the ones who are passionate about starting their own online business, or simply a blog but don’t know how to code. Thanks to the continuing advancement in technology, these days it’s possible to create beautiful designs even if you know nothing about coding. Desktop applications such as Microsoft Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and online applications like Wix, Shopify, or Weebly make it easier than ever to start your online web project.

Through this website, you will learn the fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques to start your site in the right direction. We will keep our content updated so that you don’t have to search the web for the latest trends in design. Through our tips and advice, we hope your web design journey will be as smooth as possible, and we will be happy to help if you have any questions.