For those who people who are not adept at coding but still want to make beautiful websites, web design applications are their solution. Not only are these applications easy to use, but they will also help you save a ton of time as well. Imagine being an online marketer and knowing nothing about web development but you have a plan to launch an e-commerce store. How would you go about doing it? You would not want to spend the next 6 months learning how to code to be able to do it yourself. It could happen, and people do it, but you are postponing the launch of your website and probably are wasting time for not launching the project earlier.

The Disadvantages of Hiring Developers

First of all, web developers are expensive, at least the good ones. If you come across someone who charges you so cheaply, maybe he’s just a newbie and is looking for work to get experience. Having said that, what he delivers may not be something you are looking for. Many people have reported their bad experience in finding a capable developer. Unless you are able to pay a high salary and know how to vet potential applicants, you should look into other alternatives to get your website up and running.

Companies like, Weebly, or Shopify allow you to create your website almost instantly. There are many website plans to choose from, depending on your need. The best part is that no coding skill is required. You will get a graphical interface where you can freely rearrange, add or delete elements on your site to change how it looks. With Shopify, one of the hottest e-commerce platforms nowadays, you will also get payment gateway options that enable you to process payments online.

Which Web Design App to Choose?

Again, the choice is personal. You may try out each one personally to know which one serves your purpose better. Many people who want to launch an online store often find Shopify the most suitable solution to their problem. People who are not into e-commerce but simply want to set up a brand or personal blog online may prefer Weebly or Wix because of their ease of use. These web design apps are also popular with casinos and other online game sites. Weebly and Wix have a free plan that you can try if you don’t intend to spend money just yet. This free plan has limited features compared to the premium version. For Shopify, you can try their versatile e-commerce solution for free with a 14-day trial. There’s no limitation on the features you can access and if you are happy with what you get, simply continue with a paid plan.